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Gaddis Mediation and Arbitration offers a number of conflict resolution-related services:

Conciliation.  In some matters, Conciliation will best meet the needs of parties or businesses, for whom there will be an ongoing or long-lasting relationship after resolution of the issues presently before them.

Mediation.   Mediation is the primary process offered and is the workhorse of private dispute resolution.   It allows the parties to be the decision-makers, it is private, expedient, economical and offers a final result.  It is interest-based, so meets the needs of each of the parties.

Assisted Negotiation (Consultation).  At times it is helpful to call upon a person who may then serve as a resource knowledgeable in the process utilized or the subject-matter area of the law.    This can be the most effective means of reaching an expedited, economical, fair, full and final settlement in those cases.

Case Manager or Special Master.  Most cases benefit by the early intervention of a neutral person to assist in getting the case off to a fair start, that is specifically related to the needs of the parties.  Having a knowledgeable neutral involved can save time, money, duplication of services, and avoid the need for hiring duplicate, redundant experts.

Arbitration.  In some cases the parties or their counsel are simply not able to reach an agreement on a particular issue or the language memorializing the agreed outcome of the issue.  In those cases Arbitration may be the most expedient means of conflict resolution.  Often times it is used after mediation (Mediation-Arbitration), for determination of incidental matters on which agreement could not be attained, as well as principle matters before the court.

Expert Witness.  In a narrow range of cases a person with exceptional qualifications may be called upon to give a declaration, deposition or testify in court so as to assist in the resolution of complex or complicated matters.

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